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All Roofs Inc. Flat Roofing
Commercial Roofing Company

Since 1994, All Roofs Inc. has been established as providing top quality commercial and flat roofing services that have been meeting the needs of businesses all around Chicago and throughout the Chicagoland area.

The key to our success has been to rely on our team of specialists with over 30 years of experience and by the exclusive use of top-quality materials utilized for flat roofs.

Well-trained flat roofing contractors with the latest industry knowledge on-hand, have been happily available near you in order to meet all flat roofing needs such as flat roof repair, installation, reroofing and replacement, as well as sustainable energy efficient roofing at an affordable price.

All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing service has continuously relied on our customers’ satisfaction being at the forefront every step of the way, guiding our path. By being dependable, professional and courteous from first contact with All Roofs Inc. our happy customers have gotten to know our track record of quality work for themselves. Call us if you need flat roofing contractors nearby Chicago!

All Roofs Inc. Rely on Our Commercial Roofing Company

As a trustworthy local roofing company, numerous customers from across the entire state of Illinois depend on us regularly. Check us out on social media platform in order to encounter our most recent posts of our latest projects, peruse the reviews about our completed commercial projects, and fact check just how trustable we are.

All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing
Flat Roofing Chicago & Suburbs

We offer commercial roofing services for all kinds of roofs, including roof overlays, installation, flat roof repair, roof replacement and restoration, temporary roof repairs, roof maintenance and inspection programs suited for all roofing possibilities.Our flat roofing contractors nearby Chicago are here for you!

Roof Repair
Our skilled roofing contractors promptly addresses issues like water pooling and leaks, ensuring top-notch repairs with durable materials.

Roof Replacement
We pay meticulous attention to detail in selecting materials and methods for your roof’s effective and timely replacement.

Our services can revitalize your roof with a new layer of shingles, enhancing its appearance and protection against leaks.

Roof Leak Repair
Immediately repair leaks causing damage from common issues such as rainwater drips or even an aging roof.

Roof Inspections
We conduct in-depth inspections to provide you with a comprehensive report and tailored recommendations for your roof’s maintenance or replacement.

Trust us to fortify your building against damage with our specialized ice dam removal services, ensuring quick and reliable results.

We offer an economical, temporary solution to keep your roof leak-free until a more permanent fix can be applied.

Roof Maintenance
Consult with our specialists for a customized maintenance plan that aligns with your needs and budget.

At your call, we promptly secure your property, providing robust boarding services that cover all aspects of damage protection.

Our emergency services are ready day and night to address any roofing issue, with a team poised for immediate response to all commercial needs.

24-Hour Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Services
Has your commercial property sustained significant storm damage? Have you detected a major leak in your roof? No matter the reason, or the time of day, contact All Roofs Inc. for fast and efficient roof repair Chicago and Suburbs services.
We have teams on stand-by that can come out and assess the damage as soon as you place a call to our 24/7 customer service hotline. Once your call is placed our experienced roof repair Chicagoland team will come out, with all the necessary tools and equipment to make emergency repairs to your property.
On arrival, our team will assess the damage and ensure that your roof is repaired as quickly as possible. We are just a phone call away. All Roof Inc. will support you every step of the way! Contact our flat roofing contractors nearby Chicago right now!

Our Latest Commercial Roofing Projects

flat-roof-replacement-Franklin-Park-services PROJECT:
Cherry Valley Condo Association
Elgin Country Club
commercial roof repair flat roof repair PROJECT:
Deli Fiesta Market Streamwood, IL
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flat-roof-construction-Franklin-Park-service PROJECT:
Lincoln Inn Banquets, Batavia, IL
insulating-a-flat-roof-Franklin-Park-service professional-commercial-roofing-contractors-near-me-Franklin-Park flat-roof-construction-Franklin-Park-service
metal-flat-roof-specialists-Franklin-Park PROJECT:
Young Achiever's Learning Center Franklin Park, IL
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flat-roof-specialists-Franklin-Park-projects PROJECT:
Homeowners Association Palos Hills, IL
flat-roofers-Franklin-Park-project commercial-roofing-Franklin-Park-projects flat-roof-specialists-Franklin-Park-projects
commercial-roof-repair-Franklin-Park-service PROJECT:
Project Schiller Park, IL
flat commercial roofing flat commercial roofing commercial-roof-repair-Franklin-Park-service

Know The Difference Between a Flat Roof Repair,
Flat Roof Restoration and Flat Roof Replacement

Do you know when it’s time to get your roof repaired, restored, or replaced? Have you been noticing leaks or perhaps signs of an aging commercial roof? Your choice on how to correct such issues lies in budget, roof condition, and how long you plan on owning the building. The following represent the three options available for correcting commercial roofing problems:

Targeted fixes for immediate flat roof concerns.
Economical choice for urgent, short-term solutions
Extends roof functionality

More affordable than a complete roof replacement
An extended roof life expectancy for 10 years or more
Faster completion of the project

Full-scale projects, in scope and time
Roofing that lasts decades
A long-term investment in your building

Top reasons not to try risky do-it-yourself projects and to hire
All Roofs Inc as your Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors instead!

When it comes to the flat roof of your business, it is as important as it gets. It provides protection to one of your most valuable assets so it must be left in the hands of our professional commercial roofing contractors near me in Chicago who will ensure your commercial roofing needs, such as flat roof repair and flat roof replacement, are completed to satisfaction. We promise that our flat roofing contractors nearby Chicago won’t let you down!

Quality and Warranty Protection

All Roofs Inc takes pride in being able to pair together the highest quality material that’s right for your business with an affordable price. The aim is to handpick the best materials that display excellent craftsmanship and that will ensure your roofing job lasts for decades. Contact us if you need commercial roofing nearby Chicago.

Experience DOES Matter

By hiring a professional commercial roofing company Chicago, you gain industry skills and knowledge that is gained from years of experience in handling all different roofing scenarios. You can trust our reputable team to do it all: flat roof repair, flat roof installation, flat roof replacement, and insulating of a flat roof, among others.

Safety Measures

You can be assured that safety is first and hazards are kept at a minimum by our professional roofing contractors which are insured and bonded and come properly trained and geared with safety equipment in order to avoid injuries or accidents while on the job.

Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of communication along every step of the way during roofing projects in order to ease any anxiety or confusion that may arise throughout the process. Hiring our team of experts licensed in Chicago to not only finish the job in a correct, timely and stress-free manner, will be a decision you will never regret.

Why Choose Our Commercial Roofing Company Chicago & Suburbs?
Your business or home is a significant investment. That is why it is essential to take care of your roofing that protects your home or business. When your roof encounters a problem, you will need the help of an honest and reliable company. Our roofing company Chicago has been in the roofing industry for many years providing the highest-quality roofing system. Our roofing contractors Chicago are experienced, professionals, and dedicated to combining old building principles, new technology, and continuing education to provide the top-notch roofing system on the market. Whether it is a commercial roofing or residential roofing, we use the best product available. To make sure that our roofing contractors meet our high standards of excellence, we provide thorough inspection during construction and at the time of completion. Our highly-trained professionals strive to deliver quick work while delivering unmatched quality. Call our roofing company Chicago today, and we will help you protect your home and business..

Commercial Roofing Damage Claims Often Remain Denied or Underpaid

The commercial roofing contractors and experts we have access to can provide the evidence of functional damage necessary to refute classic cosmetic exclusion.

Cosmetic Exclusion and Denied or Underpaid Claims
Cosmetic damage exclusion clauses may hinder business owners from insurance companies approving their flat roofing claim; preventing recovery from commercial roofing damage loss.

During a claim investigation, damage may be overlooked or damage, such as from hail, can be mistaken for issues such as swelling from heat, an aged roof or other poor conditions. Most likely, hail damage goes unnoticed over time and more deterioration to the structure occurs.

When investigated independently, other engineers and experts often find alterations to the roof beyond what was initially found. Once a damaged roof no longer gets rid of water properly, a replacement is needed.

Many of our customer’s claims have been totally approved by insurance companies. Call us today so we can work on getting full compensation to cover 100% of your commercial roofing nearby Chicago claim value and begin your commercial roof repair Chicago & Suburbs.

The Roofing Process – Commercial, Flat Roofing Chicago & Suburbs Services

Contact Us Today

When you contact one of our commercial roofing contractors right over the phone, you are guaranteed to receive their full attention and we make sure to fully understand every detail concerning your roofing problems.


On your inspection day, our expert will assess your roof and provide an estimate, ensuring we address the damage comprehensively, rather than just applying a quick fix. This assessment dictates whether a roof repair Chicago or replacement is needed.


Our detailed inspection report and estimate will clarify the roof’s condition, offering options and recommendations for restoration, allowing you to make an informed decision for your business.


After you select a start date post-estimate, our roofing contractors Chicago will commence work on your roofing project, no matter the size. We tailor our approach to each task, taking pride in our courteous service and respect for your business.


We commit to delivering expert roofing services and ensuring smooth project completion, seeking your approval before we finish. Our satisfaction guarantee on all tasks sets us apart, as we earnestly strive to deliver the best results for our customers.

Comercial/Flat Roof Inspection – Repair – Replacement

Hail can place your commercial/flat roofing at risk for damage and in need of extensive flat roof repair.
In addition, several factors may enable hailstorms to easily cause damage to occur, such as commonly due to:

Roof Age – Older commercial roofing and related materials may have sustained damage for a long time, causing its current condition to not be at its best. We provide the best flat roof repair nearby Chicago.
Roofing Materials – Different material types resist differently to hailstorm impacts. For example, in the case of older aluminum roofs, these can be prone to dents and dings, as well as older asphalt roofs which can be punctured.
Wind – The wind factor during a hailstorm, which includes the speed and direction of the wind, can affect the size and density of hail stones, as well as the speed at which the hail hits the roof.
Hail Size and Density – Hailstones can range from being small, tiny-sized pebbles to being as large as grapefruits or even a bowling ball. Even worse, they have jagged edges which cause even more damage.
Barriers – Trees, awnings and other barriers can help to limit the damage that may come near to your roof.


Let’s Begin Your Project Today!

Trust is key when it’s time to select a commercial roofing contractor that is actually professional. All Roofs Inc. understands the significant investment and all that it entails for the safeguarding and protection of you and your business. As a select flat roofing Chicago company, we want you to experience for yourself how our experts properly handle professional roof repair and roof replacement projects which we gage to a higher standard. We look forward to having you trust us with your business. We will do everything to provide you with ultimate customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for the best quality work and lasting results that you are looking for. Call us if you need flat roof repair nearby Chicago!

We are pleased with our BBB A+ Rating roofing company.  You need to achieve a minimum of 97 points out of 100 to receive the “A+ BBB” rating. Our All Roofs Inc. flat roofers keep to high standards and are always looking to surpass our customer’s expectations with every project.
We take pride in our skilled workmanship.  From your free estimate to the installation of your residential or commercial roofing and flat roofing in Chicago & Suburbs, our goal is the contentment of every commercial and residential client, providing roofs destined to be attractive and long-lasting.