Commercial Roof Maintenance - Flat Roof Preventative Maintenance


All roofing systems require occasional roof inspections and maintenance to ensure complete functionality. However, flat roof maintenance is unique as compared to a pitched roof. While there are always costs to flat roof preventative maintenance, the service will allow your roof to last longer, saving you more in the end. Plus, any potential roof problems can be identified and repaired before they become larger, more costly issues.

Regular flat roof maintenance can help to ensure that your building structure, all your contents, and everyone inside is all kept safe. That makes commercial roof maintenance especially worthwhile as an investment that can definitely be noticed over the long run. Different kinds of roofing require different types of maintenance, as a flat roof is handled very differently from a pitched roof. At All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing, we recommend that you understand the difference between the two roofing types and how to maintain them, and we’ll help you do just that.

Every roof will need maintenance over the years. Maintaining a flat roof can give it a very long lifespan when handled with top-quality materials and trusted to the professionals, like our team at All Roofs Inc. To get the most out of your roof, we suggest flat roof maintenance twice per year, in spring and fall. Commercial roof maintenance is also a good idea after a major weather pattern blows through, as debris can collect on a flat roof, affecting drainage.

Our best tips for flat roof maintenance include:

Have your roof inspected regularly
You should inspect your roof every six months to ensure it remains in great shape. Fortunately, a flat roof is very easy to walk on, making it simple to inspect and maintain. Check for blisters, loose seams, rust, large or small cracks, and pooling water. If you find any of these issues, it’s time to call All Roofs Inc., your professional commercial roof maintenance specialists.

Remove any debris
Contrary to a pitched roof, a flat roof tends to collect much more leaves, twigs, and other blowing debris. This debris accumulation can result in moisture retention, not only compromising your roof’s integrity but also exposing it to algae and mold growth.

Trim back overhanging trees
Overhanging tree branches can leave excessive debris on your roof, so it is a crucial part of any flat roof maintenance. Trimming the branches will help to minimize the frequency that you will have to conduct debris removal on your roof. It’s important to do this correctly and safely, so you may consider a professional to do the job rather than risking damage to the property or to any person.

Check the roof drainage
Flat roofing is most susceptible to pooling water. This is a sign of poor or improper drainage. Areas that display pooling water may require leveling off to allow the water to flow into the drainage system. Call the professionals at All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing to ensure proper drainage and alleviate any clogs.

Take care of any roof stress
It’s important to ensure that your flat roof is not under undue stress or pressure from any added weight. This excess pressure may be caused by ice, snow, or any heavy equipment stored on the roof, and it could lead to a roof collapse, extensive property damage, or personal injury. For safety, speak to a roofing contractor to acquire the proper documentation on the weight capacity of your roof.

Fix a leaking roof fast
As is the case with other roofing styles, a flat roof is susceptible to leaks. If you find a leak, call All Roofs Inc. to provide a professional look at the situation and take care of any roof repairs needed.
Neglecting your flat roof is usually the common cause for any roofing issue. And since your property is probably the most important investment you own, flat roof maintenance is extremely important to help you avoid problems and protect your major investment. At All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing, our experts are always ready to assist with your commercial roof maintenance.

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