Durolast Roofing Products – Our trusted Partner

Our commercial roofing contractors only use top quality materials for all flat roof repairs and needs. Leader among reflective roofing products and being able to significantly increase energy savings is Durolast. Contact us today, to learn much more about Durolast products,  now the world’s largest manufacturer of prefabricated roofing systems.
Back in 1978 during its beginnings, Durolast had to find a way to meet the demand of  having a roofing system that simply worked. Common issues remained unresolved and required continuous maintenance and costs without an end in sight.
Then, after several years, including two years of testing, John R. Burt, our founder,  developed a new roofing membrane using his experience fabricating pool liners. The end result is still in use today in the proprietary membrane formula.
Research found the reason that both current and previous flat roof repair systems fail, not because of the flat roofing assembly itself, but primarily due to poor on-site workmanship.
Solutions included bringing our commercial roofing company along with our own “in-house” custom prefabrication methods and specialized equipment which allow for a completion of nearly 100% of intricate roof detailing and up to 85% of field seams, all while under ideal factory-controlled conditions.
This has resulted in an increase of installation quality along with a decrease in on-site labor costs.
The Durolast Roofing System and All Roofs Inc. commercial roofing contractors team raises the standard for all other roofing companies!

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