All Roofs Inc. Temporary Roof Repair - Temporary Fix for Leaking Roofs

What is a temporary flat roof repair?

As the term implies, a temporary roof repair is a non-permanent solution to an existing problem, which helps to mitigate water or moisture from seeping into the building and causing further damage.  Water that finds a way through the first roofing layer and occasionally the second layer can lead to significant and costly repairs to the structure of the building, insulation, and internal finishes like drywall or plaster, as well as furniture or other valuable contents.
A temporary fix for a leaking flat roof and protective wall coverings are typically used as a quick and effective way to stop the advancement of water until a more permanent roof repair can be made.  In such a case, a temporary roof patch or a tarp covering can be installed extremely fast, as it is easy to cover a small or large surface area as protection from any future storms. A temporary flat roof repair sets any sense of panic aside so that an emotional decision is avoided in favor of a more thought our solution based on the situation and budget.

Temporary Roof Repair Solutions

  • Additional roof coatings
  • Quick and cost-effective leak stop repairs
  • Roof cement and specialized sealants to temporarily seal exposed termination points

I can’t afford a complete roof replacement at the moment, what are my options?

Temporary flat roof repairs can last anywhere from 6 months to a year. But remember that it is only a temporary measure, and as every situation is slightly different, the term of the fix will depend on how badly exposed the issue is, so determining how long the temporary roof repair will last is not an exact science.
To speak to a professional about your temporary flat roof repair, call All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing for honest and sound advice.

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