Flat Roof Repair

All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing is a flat roofing company that is fully licensed, bonded and insured in addition to having more than 30 years of experience in commercial roofing including renovation, repair, and care. Our dedication to quality makes certain that we provide you with the best in flat roof repair and roofing method as well as professional, courteous flat roofers and reasonable prices.

Numerous businesses in nearby areas prefer flat roofs due to the money they can potentially save with the installation, labor and flat roof repair costs. Additionally, flat roofs can let you convert your roof into a space that is actually usable. However, when there are problems with your flat roof, we are the commercial roofing contractors to contact for repair and replacement.

If you have any emergency, you can rely on our professionals 24/7, 365 days a year to provide you with immediate flat roof repair services.






Flat Roof Repair - Commercial Roof Repair

A flat roof repair is the one cost-effective solution that can alleviate a number of building concerns. Over the course of our 30 years, All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing has helped building owners throughout Chicagoland with all kinds of flat roof repairs. So we’ve experienced more than most to understand what to look for on a flat roof and the best solutions that can correct common problems for this area as a result of weather damage. A flat roof installation can be costly, and we may recommend it to ensure safety is at the highest standards if the issues cannot be handled with a roof repair. It is always our intention to provide the most cost-effective solutions to our customers. We know that our work is top-rated and our satisfaction guarantee offers great proof of that and of our exceptional skills. So if a flat roof leak repair is appropriate, you can count on us to do the best possible work that will extend the life of your roof for as long as possible.

If you have a commercial property or your home has a flat roof, then you know first-hand that it requires more specialized attention than a standard sloping roof. Plus, at times, a flat roof can be subjected to unforeseen damage which would require immediate attention to ensure a safe structure both externally and internally. The difficult part of a flat roof is realizing whether you need a roof replacement, or if a flat roof repair would provide the solution you need. Here is a short list of the top 6 most commonly found issues that you may find on your flat roof, along with the best ways to deal with these issues based on their severity:

Alligatoring – One tell-tale sign that you need a flat roof replacement is what is known as alligatoring. This type of damage occurs when the asphalt used to construct your flat roof has aged to the point where it has lost its elasticity, leaving it vulnerable to cracking and bubbling to appear similar to the skin of an alligator. Seeing this means that your asphalt roof system can no longer undergo flat roof repairs and will require a flat roof replacement.

Leaks and moisture – One of the most common problems found on a flat roof is leaks and lingering moisture. But these are situations that can be handled very effectively during a flat roof repair if they are maintained regularly. Much like any roof, a flat roof can develop leak points, but because it’s flat, the water has nowhere to flow but straight down. This leads to moisture seeping into the roof itself, causing internal issues that could also produce mold and fungus. These issues can be fixed with a flat roof leak repair and they can be spotted early through regular roof inspections and maintenance when an issue is found.

Have all your questions answered about how your flat roof is holding up by contacting All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing to perform a roof inspection. We can provide the necessary flat roof repairs or when necessary, we will advise you on a total roof replacement.

Buckle in the membrane – Many asphalt flat roofing surfaces share the same kinds of construction as shingle roofing. Both consist of an asphalt-soaked membrane that is rolled out across the top of the structure to create the roof. unlike a shingled roof, however, the membrane laid out on a flat roof is usually just one piece of material. So over time, as the structure shifts and settles, the roof will shift right along with it. More severe movement can create buckles in the asphalt membrane, which are indicators that the lifespan of the roof has been reached. It is unsafe to spend time in a structure that has buckling on the roof, as major issues can cause further damage and harm. Speak to a specialist in flat roof repair near you to take care of the problem with a flat roof replacement as soon as possible.

Pooling water – As you have a flat roof, rain or snow can be retained up there with nowhere for the water to drain fast enough. As the building settles over time, the roof continues to shift and may become uneven, unlike the perfect leveling that it took to build it. You may find water pooling along the dips that have been created. Most roofing materials are designed to m, it is best to drain those areas quickly. Then check for any leaking that may have arisen as a result of water seeping into the lower roof layers. Left to linger, pooled water can deteriorate the upper portions of the roof, limiting the lifespan of the flat roof surface and might leave you with a flat roof leak that is beyond repair.

Crack in the roof – A flat roof is designed to experience more pressure than a sloped roof might go through. This pressure can grow to a point that is too extreme, causing your roof to crack. Call a professional in flat roof repair near you if this is the case. Along with being exposed to water, the roof will have become completely compromised and may need to be replaced.

Flashing – An asphalt flat roof is no different from other materials exposed to heat and cold, it will expand and contract as the temperatures change. Through the years, this expansion and contraction can pull the flashing away from the sides and corners of your roof, creating openings for water and moisture to become trapped inside your roof. To avoid this issue, have a roof inspection regularly so that any of these problems can be fixed with a commercial roof repair. Otherwise, you may be left with a very costly roof replacement that could have been avoided.