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What Are Ice Dams?

An ice dam forms as a ridge of ice at the edge of a roof preventing water from draining harmlessly away. The stuck water puddles behind the dam and can potentially leak into the building structure to cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and everything inside. The result is the need for immediate flat roof repair.
Snow and ice buildup on flat roofing is a serious concern for many homeowners and businesses.
All Roofs Inc. has specialized commercial roofing contractors who clear away the accumulation of ice that creates an ice dam and can lead to other major issues. As the snow on your flat roofing thaws, the water has nowhere to drain, so can begin leaking into the building. A large buildup of ice will require flat roofers to remove as much as possible, so our professionals chip away at the ice that has formed around the gutters.

Why Do Ice Dams Develop?

Chicago winters are notoriously cold and snowy. As the snow gathers on the roof and goes through thawing and freezing cycles due to temperature changes and warm spots on your roof, it can create an ice dam. These warm spots are often caused by heat loss due to a lack of insulation or ventilation. When the snow melts, the water left behind travels along your roof and refreezes at the eave (bottom) where it is much colder. The ice then blocks the path, trapping the remaining water.
Poor insulation and insufficient ventilation are two key issues that can cause large patches of thick ice dams to form commonly at the edges of the roof beyond the walls of the Building. A flat roof repair can help rectify the issue permanently.

Hire Professional Commercial Roofers Near You

If you have large icicles hanging from the eaves of your roof, or worse, you have found water damage inside the building structure, it’s best to call in the experts in flat roofing. The water may not even be coming from the ceiling, which may misdirect you into thinking your roof is fine. It all depends on the pathway that’s left available for the water as the ice blocks its intended path. We’ve seen water come up through the floors, through windows, and even through vents. Our commercial roofing professionals are here to help.
Our team is licensed and insured at All Roofs Inc., and we provide a fast steam ice removal and roof snow removal service to clear your entire flat roofing surface from snow and ice, including the gutters. Our ice dam steamer is a safe and quick way to eliminate any ice dams found on your roof as it produces 100% steam and disperses it at very low pressures. So you can get all the ice dams off your roof without fear of damage to your roofing materials or gutters. Contact commercial roofing contractors today for reliably fast snow and ice dam removal.