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Looking For 'Commercial Roofing Near Me in Palatine'?
All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing Company Palatine

When it comes to choosing the best flat roofing Palatine company in terms of community relations and reputation, All Roofs Inc. is the best option. Since our official foundation in 1994, we have been in charge of providing the best flat roof repair nearby Palatine services in order to cover all the needs of our residential and commercial client portfolio in the Palatine area.

However, to put the care that we put into our successful and diverse flat roofing jobs (such as insulating a flat roof) we owe it mainly to our work team and specialists, who have put their 30 years of experience in good application and they have used materials of the highest quality. Apart from this, they have also been trained with the most recent knowledge of the industry in order to provide you with any assistance or solution regarding your roof in record time and at prices that are completely accessible to your pocket.

All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing also focuses on customer satisfaction ratings to help us continue to serve the community well. By being attentive, professional, and courteous on the first call, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to leave an indelible mark on the community of Palatine, and for good reason. If you are looking for ‘commercial roofing near me in Palatine’ – choose our the best service!

24-Hour Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Palatine
If in such a case you have an emergency with your commercial roofing at any time of the day, call our emergency contact (866) 205-8833 and we will make sure that our flat roofers go to where you are immediately.
Solve your roofing problems like leaks, ruptures, or other issues with our experienced commercial roofing Palatine contractors. They will be in charge of making a quick assessment of the situation and will proceed to carry out the respective repairs on the spot. Call us now! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our Latest Commercial Roofing Palatine Projects

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All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing Palatine Services

We are one of the few flat roofing Palatine contractors to offer all types of commercial solutions for your roof ranging from installation or replacement to preventive maintenance and inspection programs. What’s more, we will explain a little more about our portfolio of services:

Commercial / Flat Roof Repair:
If you want to avoid filtration or water pooling problems, our contractors will take care of using roofing materials that do not allow damage to appear again and so easily.
Commercial / Flat Roof Replacement:
When performing the re-roofing process, our contractors focus primarily on the details when selecting materials and implementing jobs in order to be highly effective.
Roof Maintenance:
You can contact one of our specialists for advice on the best maintenance interval for your needs and budget.
Commercial / Flat Roof Leaks:
Compared to other flat roofing companies Palatine in the area, we immediately repair leaks caused by common problems like rainwater drips or a completely old roof.
Roofs Inspections:
Our contractors are always ready to provide you with a complete report and recommendations for areas of your roof that require immediate intervention for repair, restoration, or replacement.

asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roofing
asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof
asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof repair

The most popular TYPES of flat, commercial roofs:


Modified Bitumen Roofing
This roof is the one indicated for your business if you are looking for cost reductions and long-term efficiency in terms of energy consumption since it uses specialized materials and methods such as Modified Bitumen (MB), which is used mainly for the roof to withstand the most extreme of climates.

Spray Foam Roofing
This type of roof consists of the launching of a liquid material that subsequently expands into a kind of foam, creating in the process a solid layer throughout the roof. It should be noted that this spray foam is used primarily to repair existing roofs by removing saturated areas, replacing it with similar materials, and adding more foam over the top of the entire roof.


EPDM Roofing
It is a type of roofing that uses an extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane and is mainly used in low-slope buildings. It is composed mainly of ethylene and propylene (which are derived from oil and natural gas, respectively). It is primarily used by our experts during installation to fully adhere the roof to the seams, either mechanically or ballasted.

flat roof replacement commercial roofers near me

BUR Roofing
Generally known as “Built-Up Roofing”, it is a type of roof construction used mainly on low-slope roofs because it creates a continuously sealed surface. It consists mainly of alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and asphalt until it is finished with a top layer of aggregate, such as stone or gravel.

TPO Roofing
It is a completely modern single-ply membrane roofing system that is widely used in commercial, industrial and multi-family home roofs. This membrane is a combination of polypropylene (PP) and ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) polymers. There is also reinforced TPO, which consists of two TPO membranes fused with a polyester scrim between the plies.


Asphalt Roofing
All Roofs Inc. offers commercial asphalt roofing services, which consist of the use of asphalt as a waterproofing membrane in order to give the roof waterproofing capabilities. It is considered one of the most effective ancient roofing technologies in the world.


Metal Roofing
It is one of the most popular options for commercial roofs, as it can last more than 100 years if properly installed and components are properly maintained on time, especially overlapping metal panels or shingles.

Know the difference between a flat roof repair,
flat roof restoration and flat roof placement.

Although we know that the time will come when we will have to do some work on the roof, we ask ourselves the following: does it require a flat roof replacement, restoration, or just a flat roof repair? Are there symptoms of an aging roof? And it is normal due to the fact that the process will depend a lot on the budget, the state of the same and how long you will occupy the place. Therefore, you have three options to correct these problems:

Where specific areas of the flat roof construction can be fixed quickly.
Viable for budget-conscious customers and emergency situations, but non-viable for long-term roof life extension.

Viable in terms of cost (no need for a flat roof demolition and new flat roof installation).
Viable for long-term roof life extension (For 10+ years)
Project completion at a faster rate.

Full-scale projects that require longer time periods.
Provides roofing that lasts decades.
Long-term investment commitment to building.

Top reasons not to try risky do-it-yourself projects and to hire
All Roofs Inc. as your Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors instead!

When it comes to the flat roofing Palatine of your residence or business, it is important to carry out maintenance, since it protects one of your most important assets. So, leave your roof in the hands of our flat roofing contractors nearby Palatine, who will see to it that it receives the best care so that it remains in good condition for years to come.

Quality and Warranty Protection

We pride ourselves on being the only company in the town of Palatine to do the job with the highest quality materials and at prices that are completely fair to your pocket. This in order for your roof to last for decades. We also have a warranty service to demonstrate our commitment to keeping you satisfied.

Experience DOES Matter

By hiring the services of All Roofs Inc., you will be placing your trust with one of the most experienced and veteran companies and work team in the roofing industry. This ensures efficiency in properly performing the following jobs: flat roof repair, flat roof installation, flat roof replacement, and insulating of a flat roof, etc.

Safety Measures

You can rest easy, as job safety is paramount at All Roofs Inc. To avoid any risk of injury or accident, our work team is properly trained and equipped to carry them out without problems. Apart from that, they are also insured and bonded.

Peace of Mind

As communication is essential in every roofing project, we make sure that you receive a constant update of the works in order to keep your peace of mind in order.

Why choose our commercial roofing Palatine company?
Your business area or home is a significant investment. That is the main reason why you should take care of your roofing since it is in charge of protecting your most precious heritage. However, we know that it is sometimes difficult to find a responsible and efficient roofing company to assign them to the job. Our roofing company has been in this industry for many years, providing Palatine residents with the most advanced and high quality roofing systems.
Our work team is very experienced since it has professionals who have continuous knowledge from the oldest construction techniques to the most contemporary, which allows us to provide a superior and dynamic service in the market. Regardless of whether it is a commercial or residential roof, our team is in charge of using the best materials to correct any problem that your roof may have and thus avoid unnecessary expense in a roof replacement process.
In order to ensure that we meet our high standards of excellence, efficiency, and quality, we undertake thorough inspections during the construction process as well as at the completion of construction. As one of Palatine’s most experienced roofing contractors, we are always ready to handle any roofing job, regardless of the complexity of the logistics. If you want to put your roofing in the best hands, call our branch in Palatine today! We will gladly help you! Do no look for ‘commercial roofing near me in Palatine’ anymore – choose use!

Commercial roofing Palatine damage claims often remain denied or underpaid.

We have access to various experts and commercial roofing nearby Palatine contractors who can provide the necessary evidence of functional damage to refute any invocation of the classic cosmetic exclusion clause.

Cosmetic Exclusion and Denied or Underpaid Claims
Sometimes it happens that during the inspection made by a representative of the insurance firm in case of a claim, they can overlook any damage and confuse problems with others related to the age of the roof or poor condition of the roof. This results in insurance companies invoking the cosmetic damaged exclusion clause, causing business owners to incur unnecessary expenses that they did not deserve.

Therefore, it is recommended that a third company that has high expertise in roofs inspect them, since they may find any anomaly or alteration in the roof beyond what was originally seen. All Roofs Inc. has a reputation for successfully resolving any claim our clients have with their insurance company, so you can put your trust in receiving 100% compensation for your roof repair in our hands!

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