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If the moment for selecting flat roofing contractors near me in Batavia has, ties within the local community are important as is reputation. All Roofs Inc. established itself in 1994 as a provider of high caliber commercial roofing services and has been meeting the demands of businesses throughout the Batavia area and those that surround it.

All Roofs Inc. commercial roofing has continuously provided top level of unique and necessary competencies for jobs like roof construction or flat roof installation services.

Our success’s foundation is found in the reliance on our crew of experts who possess more than 30 years of experience and through exclusively using materials of the highest quality for commercial roof repair Batavia.

Flat roofing contractors near me in Batavia residents trust who possess the industry’s most recent data, are here and will gladly help you to ensure you comply with any customers’ flat roofing requirements like flat roof installation, repair, and replacement, in addition to energy efficient roofing that is both sustainable and affordable.

Most significantly, All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing Batavia service has always counted on the satisfaction of our customers as our priority during each step of the way, guiding your way. As dependable and polite professionals from the get-go, All Roofs Inc. is happy to let our excellent track record of quality work speak for itself.

24-Hour Emergency Roof Repair
All Roofs Inc. (866)205-8833 24H emergency roofing contact number so our response crew can send a technician as soon as possible.
Settle any roofing issues like leaks or other problems with our qualified commercial roofing contractors.

Once we’ve performed a swift evaluation of the roof damage’s severity, we will get started on the required repairs immediately. We are here 24/7 for you!

Our Latest Commercial Roofing Projects

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All Roofs Inc. Flat Roofing Contractors Nearby Batavia

For any type of roof, including roof installation, overlays, roof replacement and restoration flat roof repair near me in Batavia, roof maintenance and inspection programs, and temporary roof repairs, suited for all roofing possibilities, we can provide any commercial roofing requirements.

Roof Repair
Steer clear of issues like the pooling of water or extensive leaks that our crew of professional flat roofing Batavia contractors can fix, using roofing materials that will not easily let any damage show.
Roof Replacement
Any re-roofing or flat roof replacement projects will entail specific attention to detail ding materials’ selection, insulation, and application which marks the distinction whenever All Roofs Inc comes around to completely replace your roof.
Roof Maintenance
A discussion with one of our experts gives customers expert advice for determining the propers maintenance schedule that suits your budget and needs best.
Roof Leak Repair
Instantly repair damage-causing leaks caused by common problems like an aging roof or rainwater drips.
Roof Inspections
Our crew of commercial roofers near you will gladly deliver a comprehensive report as well as suggestions for the roofing areas in need of replacements, restoration, or commercial roof repair Batavia service.

asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roofing
asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof
asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof repair

The most common flat, commercial roof types:


Modified Bitumen Roofing:
In order to guarantee results that are long-lasting as well as energy consumption savings for your business, we use quality industry techniques and materials like Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing, a design for buildings with “flat” or low-slope roof structures that is asphalt-based and built to stand up to harsh exposure to even the most severe environmental elements.

Spray Foam Roofing
Spray foam roofing is a material that is sprayed in liquid form then later expands into a foam which will create a solid layer over your entire existing roof. When sprayed, this foam can generally be used for the repair and re-invigoration of an existing roof through the removal of sections that are saturated, and replacing them with similar materials, followed by spraying foam over your entire rooftop.


EPDM Roofing
EPDM is an incredibly sturdy synthetic rubber roofing membrane commonly utilized in low-slope buildings. Made from ethylene and propylene. Our specialists can use varied methods of application of EPDM throughout installation like mechanically attached or ballasted, fully adhered, with the seams of the roofing system sealed specially formulated tape or with liquid adhesives.

flat roof replacement commercial roofers near me

BUR Roofing
BUR, short for built-up roofing, is roofing material that is most frequently utilized for low-slope or flat roofing Batavia. BUR, which includes alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen (asphalt) which are then topped with a layer of aggregate, like gravel or stone. Alternatively, roof shingles require a roof slope that is relatively steep in order to effectively shed water and are not sealed.

TPO Roofing
TPO, technically a member of the single-ply membrane group, is a high-value, modern roof system that works best for many industrial, multi-family, and commercial roofs.
The actual membrane is a mix of ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR)  and polypropylene (PP) polymers. Reinforced TPO has two TPO membranes that are fused together using a polyester fabric “scrim” between each ply.


Asphalt Roofing
We deliver commercial asphalt roofing systems, which use asphalt as a membrane for waterproofing, as a manner in which to provide building owners protection that is durable and waterproof. Asphalt is among the oldest roofing technologies that are still used today thanks to the dependable solution it provides for your commercial roofing requirements.


Metal Roofing
As a metal roof may endure 100 years or even longer, it is among the top choices when it comes to commercial roofs. Even more essential is the proper installation as well as all of the routine maintenance of the metal roofing system’s parts, specifically the overlapping shingles or metal panels.  This is the key to obtaining up to decades of performance that is long-term.

The difference between a flat roof repair,
flat roof restoration and flat roof replacement service – according to our flat roofing contractors nearby Batavia

Are you familiar with the signs telling you it is time to replace, restore, or repair your roof?  Have you observed indicators of a commercial roof that is aging or of leaks? There are various choices as to how to address this, and all are based on how many years you intend to own the building, roof condition, and budget. Those mentioned below are  representative of three available options for the correction of commercial roofing issues:


When certain at-risk sections can be repaired quickly
For emergency situations and customers who are more budget-conscious; but, does not extend the life expectancy of a roof

More affordably priced than a whole roof replacement
May extend life expectancy of roof for for 10 or more years
Quicker project completion

Large-scale projects, in both time and scope
Roofing that will endure decades
A building investment that is long-term

Main reasons not to attempt risky DIY projects and to instead contract All Roofs Inc as your Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors!

As far as your business’s flat roof, nothing is more important. As it offers protection for one of your most precious possessions, you are best of leaving it in the hands of our expert flat roofing Batavia contractors.  We will make certain that your commercial roofing needs, like flat roof replacement and flat roofing contractors near me in Batavia service, are properly finished, leaving you satisfied.

Warranty and Quality Protection

All Roofs Inc is proud of their ability to provide an appropriate high quality material that is also affordable and works well for your business. Our goal is to identify and select the proper materials that will best showcase the quality craftsmanship and make certain that your roof ensures decades.  The protection provided by our warranty proves how dedicated we are to customer satisfaction.

Experience Matters

In contracting a professional commercial roofing company, you automatically gain industry knowledge and skill from their years of experience in taking care of many different roofing circumstances and scenarios. Rely on us to handle everything: flat roof installation, flat roof repair, insulating of a flat roof, and flat roof replacement services, as well as others.

Security and Safety Measures

Rest assured safety is our priority and we will minimize and hazard risks.  Our qualified roofing contractors are adequately trained and armed with safety equipment in order to avoid accidents or injuries while working, in addition to being bonded and insured.

Peace of Mind

Communication along the way is crucial and we know it.  This helps in significantly reducing any confusion or stress that comes along with this roofing process. Contracting our crew of qualified professionals licensed in Batavia helps to ensure that your project is completed correctly and punctually without causing any stress!

Why select our commercial roofing Batavia company?
A home or business is a major investment.  For this reason, taking care of the commercial roofing Batavia residents trust to protect their business or home is so important.  If a problem arises with your roof, the best way to address it is with a dependable, honest company. On your search for area flat roofing contractors near me in Batavia and neighboring areas, the best choice is that of the industry’s best.  With numerous years delivering high quality roofing systems, our roofing company has spent many years in the industry.  Our experienced flat roofing Batavia contractors are professional and committed to utilizing a combination of new technology, old building principles, and continued education in order to deliver the very best roofing system available.  No matter if for residential roofing or commercial roofing, we always utilize the best materials.  Our flat roofers are dedicated to encountering the specific problem with your roof to help keep you from wasting any money or time on roof replacement or roof repair.  In order to ensure that our roofing contractors adhere to our stringent excellence standards, we execute comprehensive inspections throughout the construction process as well as upon completion.  Or qualified professionals work hard to provide work quickly and provide unsurpassed quality at the same time.
As qualified flat roofing Batavia contractors, we will assist you with your roof replacement and roof repair, complex or simple. We lead our clients through the selection of appropriate roofing in order to secure the protection and curb appeal of their home or business. Reach out to our roofing Batavia company now, and we will assist you in protecting your business and home.


Damage claims for commercial roofing are frequently underpaid or denied. We have access to commercial roofing contractors and experts who can deliver necessary evidence of any functional damage in order to negate classic cosmetic exclusion.

Cosmetic Exclusion and Underpaid or Denied Claims
Clauses for cosmetic damage exclusion can cause difficulties when business owners attempt to obtain insurance company approval for their flat roofing claim; this may even prevent commercial roofing damage loss recovery.
Amidst a claim investigation, damage like that caused by hail, may be misidentified as stemming from an aging roof, swelling from heat, or various other conditions.  Other damage may be neglected altogether.  In many cases, damage from hail may be overlooked for years, allowing it to cause more destruction to your structure.

With independent investigations, various experts and engineers frequently encounter roof alterations that are more than what was found in the original inspection.  It is necessary to replace a roof once it fails to properly get rid of water.
We have obtained total approval by insurance companies for many of the claims for our customers. Contact us now and we will begin work to obtain complete compensation that will cover 100% of the value of your roofing claim then get started on your commercial roof repair.

The Process for Roofing – Commercial, Flat Roofing Batavia

Contact Us Now

Upon calling our flat roofing Batavia contractors, you are certain to obtain their complete attention over the phone and we make sure we completely comprehend your roofing problem and its details. After an issue has been properly evaluated, our commercial roofing company in Batavia pays you a visit for a property inspection so we can prepare an estimate as soon as possible.


Upon your scheduled initial inspection day, our expert estimators will visit your property and once we have completed our evaluation we can prepare a comprehensive report that explains your roofing’s current state. This is an essential step towards appropriately addressing your roofing problem to ensure proper repairs rather than inadequate patching of major damage.  The decision regarding flat roof replacement or flat roof repair is determined by the extent of the damage itself.


A comprehensive description of findings from your inspection provides the necessary peace of mind that our professionals completely comprehend elements you might not. Above all, you will receive an estimate detailing your options as well as professional recommendations as to how to return your roof to its previous state. You can determine what works best for you as well as  your business as All Roofs Inc. works exclusively with facts.


After your estimate has been properly clarified, the starting date may be decided upon by flat roofing contractors near me in Batavia and the customer, then your roofing project begins. No undertaking is too large, like a complete roof replacement, nor too tiny, like minimal roof repairs. We approach every project in a special manner so we can best address any problems that come up. We are proud of our helpful and friendly manner in addition to the respectful way in which we address you and your business.


We deliver professional roofing services, and we will also continue to smoothly and successfully finish your projects.  Prior to leaving, we sincerely seek out your approval. All Roofs Inc. is a cut above the rest thanks to our whole operation’s foundation is built upon our guarantee of satisfaction guarantee for each project we undertake. Our customers can rest assured that they are receiving optimum results. Contact us if you need flat roof repair near me in Batavia!

Roof – The Most Essential Element of Your Home. Take Good Care of It With Our Roof Replacement & Flat Roof Repair Nearby Batavia Specialists has

Many businesses and homeowners have a tendency to neglect their roof, although it is the very element that protects your business as well as your home. That being said, taking excellent care of it is essential. You can trust our roofing company, even if you only require minor roof repair or up to a complete roof replacement project. Our professional roofing contractors can handle anything from holes, damaged wood, cracked shingles, leaks etc.  Our years of experience have provided us with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver our best service to our customers.

No matter what type of one-of-a-kind roof you may possess or which materials it contains, our roofing company is more than capable of fulfilling your requirements. We provide a varied selection of colors, designs, and materials, that complete the creation of your ideal commercial roofing or residential roofing. Collaborate today with one of our specialists in order to go over your project and obtain your free evaluation and quote. We are confident that our integrity, honesty, and transparency are valid reasons for you to rely on our team to provide a one-stop solution for every roofing need you may have.

Commercial/Flat Roof Inspection – Replacement – Repair

Hail may pose a significant damage risk for your commercial/flat roofing and possibly trigger a need for massive flat roof repair. Additionally, various factors can give hailstorms the ability to cause further damage quite easily due to:

Age of Roof Commercial roofing and related materials that are older may suffer from damage over a longer time period, causing its current condition to be less than optimal.
Materials for Roofing Distinct types of material resist hailstorm impacts in different ways. Older roofs tend to be vulnerable to dings and dents or they may also be punctured.
Wind During a hailstorm, the wind factors, like speed and direction, may affect the density and the size of any hail stones, in addition to the speed at which hail hits your roof.
Hail Density and Size Hailstones may be enormous grapefruit-sized, tiny pebble-sized, or even enormous bowling ball-sized.  Worse than this, the jagged edges they may have can cause additional damage.
Barriers Awnings, trees, and various other barriers may contribute to limiting any damage your roof might suffer.

commercial roof repair roof installation flat roofing
flat roof repair flat roofing specialists

Get Started on Your Project Today!

When the time comes for selecting a truly professional commercial roofing contractor Bativia residents rely on, trust is essential. All Roofs Inc. fully comprehends the investment involved and everything necessary for the protection and safeguard of you and your business. As a quality flat roofing company, our hope is that you will experience for yourself the manner in which our experts correctly take care of professional roof replacement and roof repair projects while adhering to our high standards. We cannot wait for you to trust your business to us. We go to great lengths to give you the customer satisfaction you deserve, you can trust us for top quality work and results that last.

We are proud of our BBB A+ Rating roofing company.  A minimum of 97 points out of 100 must be achieved to receive an “A+ BBB” rating. Our All roofs Inc. flat roofers always maintain the highest of standards and are constantly seeking to exceed the expectations of our customers with each project.

We are proud of our quality, skilled workmanship.  From your initial free quote to the installation of your commercial or residential flat roofing Batavia, we aim to please each residential and commercial client, delivering attractive roofs that will last for years.


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