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Looking For 'Commercial Roofing Near Me in Crystal Lake'?
All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing Crystal Lake Company

As you’re searching for flat roofing Crystal Lake contractors, find the best one with a local community presence and a terrific reputation as a commercial roofing company. Since 1994, All Roofs Inc. has established itself as a leader in flat roofing Crystal Lake, meeting the needs of a wide range of businesses in the area and throughout Chicagoland.

We put our extraordinary skills into all roofing projects, from flat roof repair to flat roof replacement. All Roofs Inc. flat roofing Crystal Lake is devoted to bringing the most comprehensive and quality flat roofing to our customers.

We enjoy such success thanks to our remarkable team of roofers with more than 30 years of experience in the business. And, we work exclusively with the finest materials for every commercial roofing need.

Our incredibly-skilled flat roofing contractors nearby Crystal Lake utilize the most up-to-date tools and roofing materials, along with incredible industry know-how to provide you with all that our commercial roofing Crystal Lake company can offer. That means outstanding flat roof repair, installation, and flat roof replacement in Crystal Lake, on top of sustainable energy-efficient roofing that fits your budget and is certain to last.

What’s most important to our professionals is that All Roofs Inc. makes customer satisfaction the top priority. The community puts its trust in All Roofs Inc. because we are reliable, professional, and genuinely courteous as we ensure top-quality workmanship and the best service possible by our flat roofing contractors Crystal Lake.If you are looking for ‘commercial roofing near me in Crystal Lake’ – choose our the best service!

24-Hour Emergency Service for Flat Roof Repair Nearby Crystal Lake
When you need help NOW, call All Roofs Inc. at (866)205-8833 for fast 24-hour emergency commercial roofing Crystal Lake. When you reach our hot-line, our response team can act fast to dispatch a skilled roofing contractor right to you within a matter of hours.
Manage your roofing disaster in a hurry, from minor problems to major leaks to roof damage, with professional flat roofing contractors nearby Crystal Lake that are standing by for your flat roofing Crystal Lake.
Our professional assessment will determine the severity of your roof problem, then our flat roofing contractors Crystal Lake can make the necessary repairs for you right away. That’s the 24/7 service you can expect when you need us most.

Our Latest Flat Roofing Crystal Lake Projects

flat-roof-replacement-Franklin-Park-services PROJECT:
Cherry Valley Condo Association
Elgin Country Club
commercial roof repair flat roof repair PROJECT:
Deli Fiesta Market Streamwood, IL
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flat-roof-construction-Franklin-Park-service PROJECT:
Lincoln Inn Banquets, Batavia, IL
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metal-flat-roof-specialists-Franklin-Park PROJECT:
Young Achiever's Learning Center Franklin Park, IL
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flat-roof-specialists-Franklin-Park-projects PROJECT:
Homeowners Association Palos Hills, IL
flat-roofers-Franklin-Park-project commercial-roofing-Franklin-Park-projects flat-roof-specialists-Franklin-Park-projects
commercial-roof-repair-Franklin-Park-service PROJECT:
Project Schiller Park, IL
flat commercial roofing flat commercial roofing commercial-roof-repair-Franklin-Park-service


Flat Roofing Crystal Lake for a Variety of Roofing Solutions:
Roof overlays, flat roof installation, flat roof repair nearby Crystal Lake, roof replacement and restoration, temporary roof repairs, roof maintenance, and detailed roof inspections, at All Roofs Inc. we have a complete range of roofing services.

Commercial / Flat Roof Repair:
We’ll take care of all issues with your roof, including pooling water and leaks. Our expert flat roofing contractors nearby Crystal Lake can make any and all the necessary flat roof repairs you need.
Commercial / Flat Roof Replacement:
Any flat roof replacement in Crystal Lake requires complete attention to detail from start to finish, and that includes the proper method of application. At All Roofs Inc., we think of everything to remain efficient and effective in handling your flat roof replacement.
Roof Maintenance:
Get the professional advice you’re looking for from one of our exceptional flat roofing contractors nearby Crystal Lake through a detailed consultation. We can help you figure out the proper roofing maintenance schedule for your exact situation while sticking to your budget.
Commercial / Flat Roof Leaks:
It’s important to repair a leaky roof quickly. Regardless of what caused the problem, our team can be there to provide the exceptional commercial roof repair Crystal Lake that you need for your roof.
Roof Inspections:
Our flat roofing contractors nearby Crystal Lake are very happy we can help by offering a thorough roof inspection. It will include a detailed report noting the problems we find and explaining our recommendations to take care of your flat roof repair nearby Crystal Lake. And if you require a flat roof replacement or restoration, we’ll advise you on that too.

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asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof
asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof repair

The Most Utilized Systems
for Flat Roofing Crystal Lake


Modified Bitumen Roofing
Create an extremely durable and lasting roof on your commercial building. Our team uses the latest materials and techniques, including Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing that is a part of asphalt roofing in Crystal Lake, and it is perfect for low-slope or flat roofing. Modified Bitumen can last through some of the most severe weather conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Spray Foam Roofing
Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing, more readily known as spray foam roofing, is a canned liquid that is sprayed onto the surface of the roof where it expands, creating a foam to serve as a solid waterproof layer over top of the existing roof. This spray foam can be very helpful for flat roof repair nearby Crystal Lake by removing the saturated sections and replacing them, which is followed by spraying the entire roof surface, giving it total protection.


EPDM Roofing
EPDM is regarded as an strong synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is noticeable on low-slope buildings. It is developed from ethylene and propylene. Our flat roofing contractors nearby Crystal Lake can handle a couple of different application methods for an EPDM roof installation. EPDM roofing may be adhered to the roof, mechanically connected, or ballasted. Every seam is then completely sealed using liquid adhesives or highly-specialized tape.

flat roof replacement commercial roofers near me

BUR Roofing
Built-up roofing, or BUR roofing in Crystal Lake, is usually found on low-slope buildings. BUR roofing is made with alternating layers of durable reinforcing fabric and bitumen, which is also used in asphalt roofing systems. Once installed, the roof is completed with a top layer of an aggregate made of stone or gravel. By comparison, ordinary roof shingles are not sealed, and that’s why they require a steep roof slope to shed water effectively.

TPO Roofing
TPO is a modern system that is highly valued as a single-ply membrane. This roofing material is suitable for most industrial roofing needs, multi-family homes, and flat roofing Crystal Lake. The membrane is a composite of polypropylene (PP) and ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) polymers. This style of flat roofing Crystal Lake is easily reinforced by doubling it up using two TPO membrane layers.


Asphalt Roofing
Our flat roofing contractors nearby Crystal Lake are reliable experts when it comes to commercial asphalt roofing. It will keep your roof sealed and protected while the asphalt works as a durable waterproof membrane. It may be one of the oldest roofing systems available, but we still use Asphalt roofing in Crystal Lake today because it is very reliable, just like our contractors, on many commercial roofing structures.


Metal Roofing
A rising trend for flat roofing Crystal Lake is metal roofing. A metal flat roof in Crystal Lake carries a lifespan of 100 years or more. So when a metal roof installation is completed by professionals that get the job done right using overlapping panels, your commercial roofing system will be strong and provide you with decades of top-level performance.

Exploring Flat Roof Repair, Flat Roof Restoration
and Flat Roof Replacement

There is usually a misunderstanding about the different roofing solutions available when a problem arises. It’s not uncommon for property owners to question the difference between flat roof repair, roof restoration, and flat roof replacement. The first step is noticing a symptom of the roofing issue, like a nagging leak. Deciding on the best course of action to solve your roof issue comes down to budget, the condition of your roof in general, and how long you want to own the building. Here are the three solutions that you can choose from to manage your commercial roofing Crystal Lake:

Flat Roof Repairs
A repair can handle a roofing problem quickly, saving you time and money when possible.
When the budget is small or you have an emergency that needs immediate attention, a flat roof repair is the answer.
A flat roof repair nearby Crystal Lake cannot extend the life expectancy of your current roof.

Flat Roof Restoration
A roof restoration is higher up the budgetary chain than a flat roof repair but it’s more affordable than a flat roof replacement.
You can extend the number of years remaining on your existing roof by up to 10 years or more.
Your roof can be taken care of quickly.

Flat Roof Replacement
A flat roof replacement will require a great deal of work and more time.
Your new roof can leave you without worries for decades.
Because this is a long-term investment, it’s important to have a plan for how long you wish to own the building.

Why Leave Your DIY Roofing to the Experts and Contact All Roofs Inc.
as your Flat Roofing Contractors!

No matter what type of roof you have on your business, it’s an important component of your building, your flat roof included. It provides protection for one of the most valuable assets you may own, so leaving it in the hands of our knowledgeable flat roofing Crystal Lake contractors can handle any issue your commercial roofing might have with flat roof repair and flat roof replacement. It can all be handled with incredible experience and superior skill.Contact our commercial roofing company Crystal Lake today!

Exceptional Quality and Total Warranty Protection

All Roofs Inc. is proud to bring you top-quality material that’s excellent for your flat roof at an affordable price. We do it by carefully choosing the finest roof materials with outstanding craftsmanship to help make your roof last for decades. And, our warranty displays our professional dedication as we stand behind our great roofing work.

Experience DOES Matter

By trusting in our professional commercial roofing Crystal Lake company, you enjoy our extensive roofing skill and knowledge acquired over years of handling all styles of roofing configurations and situations. With that, we offer great efficiency to do the job right. You can count on our established roofing Crystal Lake contractors to handle anything you need, including flat roof repair, flat roof installation, flat roof replacement, and insulating your flat roof properly.

Safety Precautions

With our qualified flat roofing Crystal Lake contractors, you can rest easy knowing that safety is our number 1 concern. We are fully bonded and insured, plus we have the training and equipment to work safely and avoid injury or property damage. Remember – if you have any question, give us a call. We will anwser for every your question!

Reduced Anxiety

All Roofs Inc. prioritizes clear communication throughout your roofing project. Our expert team ensures you’re informed about every step and progress, easing the stress of DIY renovations. Trust our licensed contractors for quick, correct, and safe roofing work, including handling any unforeseen issues that might arise with your flat roofing Crystal Lake.

Why Use Our Commercial Roofing Company Crystal Lake?
Your building, whether you’re talking about your home or your business, is quite a big investment. That makes caring for your roof an important part of protecting your property. When you have concerns over your roof, trust in an honest and reliable roofing company for the help you need. But not all roofing companies are the same, so go with the best in the business.
Our roofing company has been here with top-level roofing in the Crystal Lake area for a great many years, working with the ultimate in quality roofing solutions on the market. We bring you roofing contractors in Crystal Lake that are incredibly experienced specialists, professional, and that enjoy combining old construction principles, new building technology, and ongoing education to present our customers with the very best in commercial and residential roofing in Crystal Lake.
For any type of roofing you need, we have the best solutions available. Our commercial roofing Crystal Lake contractors will provide a thorough roof inspection to determine all the issues it may have so we can offer the right solution at the best price. You won’t have to spend time and money on wasteful roof repairs or roof replacement. We want to be sure you receive only the best from our roofing contractors Crystal Lake, achieving the highest standards of roofing, so we continuously inspect your roof before, during, and after we complete the work.
Our specially-trained and experienced roofing experts deliver outstanding quality as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a team of experienced roofing contractors Crystal Lake, we stand ready to help with any minor or major roof repair, or a total roof replacement if necessary. We offer you guidance so you can make the right decisions about roofing materials that will be durable for lasting roof protection, as well as remain stylish. Contact our roofing company today for the right roofing protection from the right roofing contractors that your home or business needs.

Damage to flat roofing Crystal Lake sometimes goes underpaid or outright denied.

Our flat roofing Crystal Lake contractors, along with our other experts in the field, can gather all the necessary evidence of functional roof damage to refute classic insurance cosmetic exclusions. Our commercial roofing contractors Crystal Lake are here for you!

Roof Cosmetic Exclusions and Denied or Underpaid Insurance Claims
Cosmetic damage exclusion clauses can halt a flat roofing claim in its tracks. Your claim could end up unpaid, leaving no opportunity for recovery after a major commercial roofing damage loss.
When your insurance company investigates your claim, some damage might be overlooked or it may be misrepresented as an aging roof or even as problems stemming from swelling due to heat, which often occurs with hail damage. It is common for hail damage to go undetected like this and get worse over time, making your entire structure unsafe.
But when our third-party investigation crew assesses the damage, often, they expertly find issues that were missed or mishandled by the insurance company. If your damaged roof can no longer shed water effectively, you need a full roof replacement in Crystal Lake.
Many insurance claims we have helped our customers to assess have gone on to be fully approved by the insurance companies. So call All Roofs Inc. today and let us begin working on getting you 100% compensation for your roof damage and we’ll take care of your flat roof repair nearby Crystal Lake.

The Roofing Process – Commercial, Flat Roofing Services Franklin Park, IL

Contact Our Team Today

Expect our full, undivided attention when you call our flat roofing Crystal Lake contractors. We can make certain that we fully understand everything you relay to us about your roofing concerns. After we evaluate your roofing issue, our flat roofing Crystal Lake company can schedule a time for your initial property inspection so we may produce your estimate when it’s a convenient time for you.


Expect one of our professional estimators to assess your roof on your scheduled date. With that, you will have a better idea of problems on your roof and the best ways to handle them, whether you need a flat roof repair or a flat roof replacement in Crystal Lake. Every detail will be addressed on your estimate upon completion of your assessment.


Our expert roofing contractors team ensures you’re informed about every step and progress, easing the stress of DIY renovations. Trust our licensed contractors for quick, correct, and safe roofing work, including handling any unforeseen issues that might arise with your flat roofing Crystal Lake.

The Work

After we explain and discuss your estimate, it’s time to set up a convenient date and time to have our flat roofing contractors nearby Crystal Lake start the work. You may have a roofing issue that’s large or small that needs minor roof repairs to a major flat roof replacement, the important thing is, we can handle it right away. The one sure constant is our dedication to a friendly and helpful service by our expert roofing Crystal Lake contractors, with respect for you and for your property at all times.


Our top-level flat roofing Crystal Lake services in will provide you with incomparable quality of work efficiently and quickly. But we always stand by the work we do with the foundation of our whole business, our satisfaction guarantee. That sets All Roofs Inc. apart from other roofing companies in Crystal Lake. We take providing our customers the very best roofing very seriously.

Your Roof is The Most Vital Feature on Your Home or Business Building. Leave the Work to the Experts at All Roofs Inc. for Your Roof Repair & Roof Replacement

Most home and business owners don’t give their roof a second thought, even though it is a major part of a building’s protection. So it is critical to take excellent care of it. For any minor roof repair or complete roof replacement, trust our roofing company to do it right. Our amazing commercial contractors Crystal Lake contractors will fix anything your roof needs, including leaks, cracked shingles, damaged wood, holes, or other serious problems. Count on our years of experience through which we have gained out extensive knowledge and skills to offer you the right solutions for your roof.
Our commercial roofing nearby Crystal Lake company is here to take care of all kinds of roofing, so we can work with any roof you have using any type of roofing material you require. We offer a comprehensive selection of quality roofing materials, designs, and colors that are perfect for any preference and for your property, from residential roofing to flat roofing Crystal Lake. Consult with us today and one of our roofing contractors can determine what you need through a complimentary assessment and our free estimate. We work with total transparency, honesty, and integrity, and we have done so for decades so you can trust our professional flat roofing Crystal Lake contractors for any roofing need.

Commercial Flat Roof Inspection – Roof Repair – Roof Replacement

The wrong hailstorm can overwhelm your commercial flat roof, causing devastating damage that requires at minimum a commercial roof repair nearby Crystal Lake. Hail can be particularly destructive to your roof based on certain influences:

Roof Age – Older commercial roofing, along with aging peripheral features, may be suffering from unseen damage due to age. This may leave your roof vulnerable to further damage through a hailstorm.
Roofing Materials – The type of material on your roof is a factor in how well it holds up to a hailstorm. An older aluminum roof may experience dents, while older asphalt roofing in Crystal Lake can be punctured by severe hail.
Wind – Wind speed and directionality can affect the size and density of hailstones. It can also affect the velocity of the hail as it impacts your roof.
Hail Size and Density – Hailstones come in a range of sizes from tiny pebbles to those as large as a bowling ball. Those large hailstones are heavy and incredibly dangerous. What’s more, they may also have jagged edges that can rip through your roof.
Barriers – Trees, awnings, and other high barriers offer protection for parts of your roof, deflecting falling hail.

commercial roof repair roof installation flat roofing
flat roof repair flat roofing specialists

Begin Your Roofing with the Roofing Professionals Today!

Trust is essential when choosing professional commercial roofing nearby Crystal Lake company. All Roofs Inc. realizes the significant investment you have made in your home or business and the overall protection it requires from the installed roofing system. As the top flat roofing Crystal Lake company, you can count on us for the help you need, including the highest standard of roof repair and roof replacement, so you can feel confident and at ease. We look forward to assisting you and appreciate the trust you have in us to take exceptional care of your roof. With our team of roofing Crystal Lake contractors, you receive the customer experience you’re looking for, outstanding quality work and materials, as well as lasting results.


Every time a storm came, I was always thinking of leaks coming from the roof to some of the rooms. Fortunately, I called these flat roof specialists to correct that and now that issue is something of the past.

Jaime Dorman

I checked with every commercial roofer near me to see if they could help me with the maintenance of my home’s roof immediately. While the rest declined, All Roofs Inc. were there to save the day!

Everett Lujan

I want to recommend this company to everyone since they did a professional, efficient job insulating the flat roof of my business. Now I don’t have to worry about the roof suffering frost damage during the winter.

Steven Kruse

Of all the commercial roofing companies near me that I requested for an urgent roof repair, All Roofs Inc. gave me the quickest response ever and even they clarified some doubts I had about the process. They really care about their customers!

Barbara Bruce

I requested the services of this company to perform a flat roof construction in my store’s front façade since the original one was dated and showing signs of serious deterioration. Now my store looks better.

Lavern Wiggins

All Roofs Inc. is perhaps one of the best flat roofing companies that Crystal Lake has, since they always have their customers as No. 1 priority. I can firmly tell you this based on my experience!

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