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Looking For 'Commercial Roofing Near Me in Aurora'?
All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing Aurora

Since our official founding in 1994, All Roofs Inc. has grown to become one of the most important and prominent commercial roofing contractors not only in the Chicago metropolitan area but also in the Aurora area; always complying with any roof need that the residents and merchants of the area have at the time.

Our reputation for excellence, as well as our veteran experience, we owe mainly to our flat roofers and experts in the field, who have been dedicated to this business for the last 30 years and always used the highest quality materials for commercial roofing. Apart from this, they have continuous knowledge of the latest trends in the flat roofing Aurora industry in order to carry out flat roof repair, installation, or replacement jobs smoothly, as well as sustainable energy roofing at extremely accessible and incomparable prices to the competition.

Last but not least, All Roofs Inc. always has customer satisfaction as a priority, since it helps to follow the right path when carrying out works. By being professional, efficient, and courteous from the initial contact, All Roofs Inc. ensures that the experience is more than pleasant and unforgettable for clients. Do no look for ‘commercial roofing near me in Aurora’ anymore – choose use!

24-Hour Emergency Commercial Roof Repair
Did you have an emergency situation with your flat roof construction? Did you have leaks or other problems? Do not feel concerned anymore! Call All Roofs Inc. emergency number – (866)205-8833 – and we will make sure to help you, no matter where you are and the hour that you contact us.
We will carry out a quick assessment of the damage and proceed to carry out the repair work immediately. We are available for you 24/7! Call us now!

Our Latest Commercial Roofing Aurora Projects

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Lincoln Inn Banquets, Batavia, IL
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Homeowners Association Palos Hills, IL
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Project Schiller Park, IL
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All Roofs Inc. Commercial Roofing Services

We are flat roofing contractors nearby Aurora that offers its services for all types of roofs, which include: roof overlays, flat roof installation, insulating a flat roof, temporary repairs, maintenance, and inspection programs suited for any type of roofing.

Commercial / Flat Roof Repair:
If you want to avoid problems with water pooling or extensive leaks, our flat roofing Aurora contractors will repair those issues using materials that do not allow damage to return so easily.
Commercial / Flat Roof Replacement:
When it comes to re-roofing work, it is a process that involves being attentive to details such as selecting the appropriate materials and using the most appropriate insulation and application methods, something that All Roofs Inc. stands out from all flat roofing Aurora companies.
Roof Maintenance:
When consulting with our specialists, they will provide you with expert notices about the maintenance timeline that goes according to your needs, and above all, your pocket.
Commercial / Flat Roof Leaks:
All Roofs Inc. is responsible for repairing any leak damage that your roof has that comes from common issues such as rainwater drips to the age of your roof.
Roofs Inspections:
Our work team is prepared to provide you with a complete report and specific recommendations to carry out the repair, restoration, or replacement of any area on your roof.

asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roofing
asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof
asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof repair

The most popular TYPES of flat, commercial roofs:


Modified Bitumen Roofing
If you want to guarantee your business long-term results and economies in terms of energy consumption, we use this type of roofing top materials in the industry and the Modified Bitumen technique, which consists of a concrete-based design for structures with low-slopes or flat roofs in order to withstand even the most violent of natural elements.

Spray Foam Roofing
This type of roofing consists mainly of spraying liquid polyurethane throughout the roof to the point of expanding into a foam, which is responsible for repairing any type of condition that the roof has by removing saturated areas and replacing them with similar materials.


EPDM Roofing
This roofing is one of the most used in low-slope buildings, due to its extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane material. Composed mainly of ethylene and propylene, our contractors can implement it in various ways in order to fully adhere to the ceiling, either mechanically or ballasted.

flat roof replacement commercial roofers near me

BUR Roofing
Acronym for “Built-Up Roofing”, is a roofing material mostly used in structures with low-slope roofs, due to its ability to provide a continuously sealed surface. It consists of alternating layers of asphalt and reinforcing fabric until an aggregate of rock or gravel is placed on the top.

TPO Roofing
TPO is considered one of the most versatile roofing systems for a large part of a commercial, industrial, and multi-family roofing; Apart from that, it falls under the category of the single-ply membrane. This membrane is a mixture of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber polymers. We also offer reinforced TPO, which consists of two TPO membranes fused with polyester scrim between the plies.


Asphalt Roofing
If you want your infrastructure roof to have waterproofing capabilities for years to come, the asphalt roofing system is your best bet. Such a system is one of the oldest roofing technologies in the world that is still used today, as it provides feasible solutions to various roofing problems.


Metal Roofing
It is considered one of the most popular roofing options, since it makes metal roofs last up to more than 100 years, providing proper maintenance to overlapping metal panels or shingles.

Know the difference between a flat roof repair,
flat roof restoration, and flat roof placement.

If you have noticed any signs of leakage or cracks in your roof, it is clear that it requires service. However, sometimes we do not know if it requires a commercial roof repair, restoration, or replacement. Therefore, your urgency about correcting the problems that plague your roofing depends on the budget you have, as well as the condition of the roof and how long you plan to be in the building. These are the three options available to you to resolve any roofing issue:

Where specific areas of the flat roof can be repaired more quickly.
Appropriate for clients with a budget conscious approach and emergency situations.

More cost-effective option than a flat roof replacement.
Grants a roof life extension for 10+ years.
A rapid development of the project.

Large-scale project in terms of time and scope.
A roof that lasts for decades to come.
A long-term investment in your building.

Top reasons not to try risky do-it-yourself projects and to hire
All Roofs Inc. as your Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors instead!

When it comes to maintaining the good condition of the flat roof of your commercial or residential space, it is important as it provides protection to your most valuable asset. So leave it in the good hands of our flat roofing contractors near me in Aurora, who will make sure you receive the best of care until you are satisfied, no matter the case.

Quality and Warranty Protection

In order for your roof infrastructure to last for many decades to come, All Roofs Inc. takes care of carrying out the work with the highest standards of professionalism and always using high quality materials. Apart from this, each of our jobs has a warranty service, which is a hallmark of our commitment to your satisfaction.

Experience DOES Matter

By hiring the commercial services of All Roofs Inc., you are placing your trust with one of the most veteran and experienced companies in the roofing industry. Thanks to our long history dealing with all types of roofs, we take care that your roof is like new in the first job, regardless of the conditions of the same or the complexity of the logistics of the process.

Safety Measures

You do not have to worry about accidents or potential hazards during work with your roof, since All Roofs Inc. personnel are properly insured and bonded, as well as properly prepared with the necessary tools to carry out the processes in a safe manner. If you need flat roof repair near me in Aurora – contact us!

Peace of Mind

In order to reduce any anxiety, doubt, or concern you may have about our processes, our experts will be in charge of communicating any update or change regarding the works. We assure you that you will feel comfortable with our work team, who will complete the work in an appropriate and orderly manner to the point that you will not regret choosing us..

Why choose our commercial roofing Aurora company?
You have to start by saying that commercial or residential space is a significant investment and therefore, it is necessary that you keep your roof in optimal condition so that you continue to protect your most precious asset. However, when problems strike, you will need the help of a thoroughly professional roofing company Aurora. This is where we enter the scene.
All Roofs Inc. is a company that has participated in this segment for many years, offering the inhabitants of Aurora and surrounding areas the best high-quality roofing systems. This is something that we owe to our staff, who present extensive and continuous knowledge of ancient and contemporary roofing techniques and technologies, which allows us to continue to be the leading company in the market in commercial and residential terms.
Our contractors take it upon themselves to find out by inspection what is in your roof so that you don’t needlessly spend your money and time on an expensive roof repair or replacement. To ensure that they meet the highest standards of excellence, we provide full inspections during the construction and completion stages.
As an experienced roofing contractor Aurora, we can help you with any roofing needs you may have, regardless of the size of the roof or the caliber of the jobs. We make sure to guide our portfolio of clients to choose their best roofing option and that way their spaces remain beautiful and protected for many years to come. If you are looking for ‘commercial roofing near me in Aurora’ – choose our the best service!

Commercial roofing damage claims often remain denied or underpaid.

All Roofs Inc. has commercial roofing contractors and experts who will help you obtain the necessary evidence of damage to your roof to refute any classic cosmetic exclusion clause presented by your insurance agency.

Cosmetic Exclusion and Denied or Underpaid Claims
The invocation of the cosmetic damage exclusion clause is the last thing a business owner wants to hear in his life because sometimes the inspections carried out by the representatives of the insurance company do not look well at the magnitude of the damage or confuse them with other problems like swelling, old roofing or roofing in poor condition.

Upon being investigated by a third party, experts in the field may find more serious damages than one initially imagined and as a consequence, business owners must incur unnecessary expenses because a fair claim was rejected.
And the question they sometimes ask themselves is: will there be commercial roofing Aurora companies near me to help me in those cases? Fortunately, All Roofs Inc. is one of the few flat roofing contractors near me in Aurora that has a good reputation for resolving any claims our clients have with their insurers. If you want to receive 100% compensation to carry out your repairs, put your trust in us!