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    ALL ROOFS Inc. Commercial Roofing Company in Rockford, IL

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    When you’re looking for commercial roofing contractors in Rockford, local community involvement and an exceptional reputation are important things to consider. Since 1994, ALL ROOFS Inc. has provided outstanding commercial roofing services to meet the needs of businesses in Rockford and all across the Chicagoland area.
    Putting together unique skills and experience for projects that include flat roof construction and insulating a flat roof is what you can count on ALL ROOFS commercial roofing to handle.

    We have been successful for a long time because we rely on our professional specialists to provide you with over 30 years of experience, and because we exclusively use only top-quality materials for commercial roofing projects.

    Our highly-trained and skilled commercial roofing contractors in Rockford use the most up-to-date industry knowledge to cheerfully provide anything you need for your flat roofing, like flat roof repair, installation, and replacement. You can count on us for sustainable, energy-efficient roofing that’s priced right for you.

    What has guided us to the top, making ALL ROOFS Commercial Roofing service in Rockford the most reliable in the business, is our focus on customer satisfaction in everything we do. Through our reliability, professionalism, and courteous approach from your first contact with ALL ROOFS Inc., our customers have come to know all about our record of quality for themselves.

    24-Hour Emergency Commercial Roof Repair in Rockford
    Call ALL ROOFS INC. at (866)205-8833 to reach our 24-hour emergency commercial roofing contact line and our response team can dispatch commercial roofing specialist in Rockford to you within hours.

    Leave your roofing troubles to us and our specialized team in Rockford will take care of any emergency leaks or other immediate needs with the skilled expertise you expect.

    We will assess the roof damage and begin taking the necessary steps to fix it right away. When you need emergency flat roof repair in Rockford, we’re there for you 24/7!

    What’s the Difference Between Flat Roof Repair,
    Flat Roof Restoration and Flat Roof Replacement in Rockford?

    You may not know when it’s time for a roof repair, restoration, or replacement. You may have found a leak or two, or maybe parts of your commercial roof look like they are aging out. The solution you choose depends on your budget, the condition of the roof, and how long you plan on remaining as the owner of the building. Here are your three options to deal with your commercial roofing in Rockford:

    Flat Roof Repair

    The areas of the flat roof that need attention can be quickly managed
    For the budget-minded customer and for emergency situations
    This solution will not extend the life of your roof

    Flat Roof Restoration
    Easier on your budget than a full flat roof replacement in Rockford
    You can extend the life of your roof by about 10 years or more
    The project can be completed quickly

    Flat Roof Replacement
    This full-scale project requires planning and time
    Your new flat roof replacement in Rockford can last for decades
    You are making a long-term investment in your property


    We provide professional commercial roofing services in Rockford as you need it, including roof overlays, installation, flat roof repair, roof replacement and restoration, temporary roof repair, roof maintenance, and inspection programs designed for all styles of roofing.

    Commercial / Flat Roof Repair:
    We’ll help you eliminate problems like water pooling and leaks, as our expert commercial roofing contractors in Rockford can repair the issue with the right roofing materials that last.
    Commercial / Flat Roof Replacement:
    For the best flat roof replacement in Rockford, you need professionals who will work on every detail, from choosing the proper materials to insulation to the method of application. It all comes together to make a difference, and that’s what the experts at ALL ROOFS Inc. can do for you.
    Roof Maintenance:
    Have a consultation with one of our flat roofing specialists in Rockford for expert advice and recommendations on the right maintenance schedule that fits your needs and your budget.
    Commercial / Flat Roof Leaks:
    We can immediately repair any leaks caused by damage as a result of heavy rains, hail, or an aging roof.
    Roofs Inspections:
    Our commercial roofers near you in Rockford are pleased to provide you with a thorough inspection and a detailed report outlining the best recommendations so you can take the appropriate action, whether that’s a flat roof repair, a restoration, or a complete flat roof replacement.

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    asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof
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    The Most Popular TYPES of Flat Commercial roofing in Rockford

    flat roof repair commercial roofing contractors

    Modified Bitumen Roofing:
    We can help you achieve a long-lasting roof that can also save on your energy consumption with top-of-the-line materials and the latest techniques using Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing. This is an asphalt-based design used on buildings with a low-slope or flat roof construction in Rockford. It is designed to endure the toughest elements.

    Spray Foam Roofing
    Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing, commonly known as spray foam roofing, is sprayed over your existing roof as a liquid that expands to create a solid foam layer across the whole roof.  This system can often serve as a flat roof repair in Rockford, or to revitalize an existing roof by removing any saturated areas, replacing them with similar materials, and then adding spraying foam to the entire roof surface.

    commercial roofing flat roof repair

    EPDM Roofing:
    EPDM is an incredibly durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is commonly used on low-slope buildings. It uses ethylene and propylene as the two primary ingredients, which are derived from both oil and natural gas. Our commercial roofing contractors in Rockford can deal with the EPDM installation in different ways to fully adhere the system or mechanically attach it while sealing the seams with a liquid adhesive or specially designed roofing tape.

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    flat roofing commercial roofing

    BUR Roofing
    Built-up roofing, also called BUR, is a roofing material that is most used on low-slope or flat roofing in Rockford. BUR features alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen (asphalt), with a top layer of aggregate, like stone or gravel. This works best on a flat roof because it offers a continuously sealed surface. As compared to shingles, which are not sealed and therefore require a slope to shed water off the roof, BUR is effective without the slope.

    TPO Roofing
    TPO is a single-ply membrane that offers a modern, high-value flat roofing system that is suitable for most commercial, industrial, or multi-family buildings.
    The membrane is a polypropylene (PP) and ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) polymer blend. Reinforced TPO features two TPO membranes that are fused together, sandwiched around a polyester fabric “scrim” for a tougher system on your flat roofing in Rockford.

    asphalt roll roofing asphalt flat roof
    flat roofing commercial roofing flat roof repair

    Asphalt Roofing
    Our commercial asphalt roofing system utilizes asphalt as the primary waterproofing membrane. This system offers durable waterproof protection that lasts. Asphalt is one of the oldest roofing technologies available and it is still used today because it is so reliable for just about any commercial roofing in Rockford.

    insulating a flat roof commercial roofing companies near me

    Metal Roofing
    Metal roofing can last over 100 years, making it one of the most popular solutions for commercial roofing in Rockford. When installed right by our expert commercial roofing contractors in Rockford, and when the overlapping metal panels or shingles are maintained on a regular basis, you will have the advantage of decades of durable performance from your roof.

    Our Latest Commercial Roofing Projects

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    Top reasons not to try risky do-it-yourself projects and to hire
    ALL ROOFS Inc as your Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors instead!

    When it comes to providing the best maintenance services to the flat roofing of your home or commercial space in Rockford, ALL ROOFS Inc. is your best option. If you want your roofing to last for many years or even decades to come, apply and place your trust in one of the most experienced and veteran flat roofing contractors in the entire Chicago metropolitan area and its surrounding suburbs.

    Quality and Warranty Protection

    Here at ALL ROOFS Inc., we are pleased to be one of the commercial roofing contractors that offer high quality services such as flat roof repair, insulating a flat roof, etc .; at completely fair prices for the customer. Therefore, we strive in our services to use the highest quality materials, demonstrate our ability to craftsmanship to the fullest and establish a guarantee that your roof will last for a long time.

    Experience DOES Matter

    By hiring our commercial roof repair services, you are placing your trust in our veteran flat roofers, who have many years of experience in the industry handling various types of roofing and circumstances, as well as being trained with the most recent standards of the industry. This to carry out the work as smoothly as possible, regardless of whether you request it for the first time.

    Safety Measures

    All of our flat roof specialists are properly trained and geared with the latest technology equipment to carry out the work safely and thus reduce the chances of accidents or injuries to minimal levels. Apart from that, they are also properly insured and bonded.

    Peace of Mind

    If you have certain concerns about any of our processes (for example, flat roof installation) at the beginning or during the work, do not worry about it, since our experts will keep you informed in each maneuver they carry out. We will assure you that we will finish the job properly, stress-free manner, and under the agreed-upon timeline.

    Why choose our commercial roofing company in Rockford?
    It is very important to maintain the roof of your home or business, as it represents a significant investment that protects your property from the strongest impacts of the weather. However, you cannot choose just any commercial roofing company to do the job, but the best and most reliable in the industry. ALL ROOFS Inc. is one of the few flat roofing companies in the Rockford area that has true professionals who combine ancient construction concepts with contemporary ones, using the latest technology to provide you with the best roofing system on the market. During our work with your roof, we take care of covering all sides: from conducting thorough inspections to determine the course of action to take without the need for a flat roof replacement to delivering the best of us in terms of quality so that the work lasts for a long time. Regardless of how complex the job is, we will guide you through the process so that you make the best roofing choice to maintain the protection and beauty of your infrastructure. To receive more information or advice, you can contact our branch in Rockford through our phones or website.

    Commercial roofing damage claims often remain denied or underpaid.

    When it comes to these types of cases, you may ask yourself the following question: which commercial roofers near me can help to refute the classic cosmetic exclusion insurance clause? Fortunately, ALL ROOFS Inc. can help you with that problem.

    Cosmetic Exclusion and Denied or Underpaid Claims
    An invocation of the cosmetic damage exclusion clause by the insurance company is perhaps one of the most unfair things that can happen to a business owner, due to the lack of a more in-depth review by claim investigators. or erroneous assumptions about what could have caused the damages, prevents the business from recovering from the losses.
    However, when investigated independently, there is a high possibility of raising flags in case of finding anomalies beyond what was initially seen. Therefore, ALL ROOFS offers all its clients a special service where we work hard so that you receive full compensation from your insurer and can begin with the repairs.

    The Roofing Process – Commercial, Flat Roofing Services Franklin Park, IL

    Contact Us Today

    By contacting the services of our contractors here at Rockford, we assure you that you will receive their full attention, as they will undertake an in-depth assessment of your roofing problems to determine what should be done (For example, a flat roof construction) and subsequently deliver a detailed estimate of the work to you as soon as possible.


    On the day that you determine for the initial inspection, one of our experts will visit your property to perform an evaluation of your roof and later, will provide you with details about the current condition of the roof. It is recommended that you carry out this step, since depending on the case, your roof could present light damages that can be repaired or severe to the point of requiring an immediate replacement.


    As here at ALL ROOFS we only work with the facts and consider the well-being of your home and business, our roofing experts will take care of giving you a complete explanation of what may be happening with your roof and will give you all the available options to restore it to its original condition.


    After the explanation of the estimate, we will establish a date to start the work and one of our contractors will be assigned to begin the respective work. Regardless of their magnitude, we carry out each roofing project with a specific approach in order to attack all the problems in sight and even the most invisible ones.


    Apart from providing our roofing professionals, we ensure that the projects you have in mind are completed without any type of setback and always pending the smallest details. Your level of satisfaction is the most important thing to us, as it helps us to stay ahead of the competition.

    Roof – The Most Important Part of Your Home. Take Care of It With Our Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Experts in Rockford

    Sometimes home and business owners tend to forget to maintain their roofs, which can be disastrous in the long run, as it is considered a line of defense against the onslaught of the weather. Therefore, if you are from Rockford and need some service for your roof, whether it is maintenance or replacement, we are the company for the job. Thanks to their high wisdom and skills, our contractors can deal with any type of problem that your roof may have such as damaged wood, gaps, leaks, damaged shingles, etc.
    Regardless of the type of roof you have or the material you use, ALL ROOFS Inc. has the respective capabilities to cover all your needs. We also offer a diverse selection of materials, designs, and colors so that you can create the perfect roof for your infrastructure. If you want a service based on transparency, honesty, efficiency, and responsibility, get in touch with our experts through our communication channels. We promise that we will attend to you at the minute!

    Commercial / Flat Roof Inspection – Repair – Replacement

    Hail can cause severe damage to your flat roofing to the point of requiring an extensive and expensive flat roof repair. However, several common factors can increase the severity of such damage, such as the following:
    Roof Age – Older roofs, like their materials that are no longer in use today, may have deteriorated over time to the point of not being in optimal condition.
    Roofing Materials – The resistance of a roof against hail can vary greatly depending on the type of material you use. For example, while aluminum roofs are susceptible to dents and dings, asphalt-based roofs can suffer from perforations.
    Wind – The impact of hail damage is also highly dependent on wind direction and speed, as these can affect the size and density of hailstones.
    Hail Size and Density – Hailstones are not necessarily small like a grape, they can also be large to resemble a baseball or bowling ball in extreme cases. Apart from that, they also feature jagged tips that can maximize damage.
    Barriers – Trees, awnings, and other types of barriers can help reduce potential damage to your roof.
    If you recently experienced a hail storm and would like to have your roof inspected by a professional, you should contact one of our experts, as hail damage is not that simple to detect with the naked eye, and worse, it can contribute to leaks. of water inside the house soon..
    Our team of experts is properly prepared to handle any situation and offer you the best options to properly repair your roof in case the inspection has revealed signs of damage due to puncturing or denting. We also have emergency repair services, which consists of temporarily patching your roof enough so that it does not suffer further damage until a more thorough repair is possible.
    To carry out these works, we also help you in the process of contracting and negotiating with the insurance agency that you contracted so that you receive 100% coverage for the repair or replacement of your roof. However, we must clarify at this point that it is important to review the policies and the type of coverage that you have, since the clauses may vary in residential and commercial terms. Therefore, repair costs could be partially or fully covered.
    ALL ROOFS Inc. is here to help you with any commercial or residential roofing issue, including inspection, repair, and replacement. Get an initial assessment of the damage to your building and we will provide you with the most feasible options to fix hail damage.

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    Let’s Begin Your Project Today!

    When it comes to selecting the best and most reliable commercial roofing contractor to do quality work, ALL ROOFS is there to serve you, as we consider your roof to be a significant investment to ensure the long-term protection of your infrastructure. Therefore, let our experts show you how they handle the various projects we offer as professionally as possible and under the high standards of the industry. We assure you that you will not regret your decision and you will be more than satisfied!


    I’ve just moved my shop to its new location when I found that the roofing had some issues, so I called these guys to perform a commercial roof repair as quickly as possible. They did a wonderful job!

    William Moore

    ALL ROOFS is definitely one of the best flat roofing companies that Rockford has, since their contractors managed to solve my roofing issues in just a couple of hours. I will recommend it to my friends!

    Kathleen Miller

    I was well overdue with my flat roof replacement due to the fact that the companies I contacted originally were charging me very high prices. Luckily I found these guys, who did an excellent job within my budget.

    William Ramos

    Of all the commercial roofing contractors near me, these guys excel in everything: friendly service, high quality work, and efficiency. They repaired my business roofing in such a way that looks brand-new! I’m just lost for words!

    Henry Vaughan

    These leaks from my roof were driving me crazy, since I had to clean the mess every day it rained at Rockford. Fortunately, these flat roofers put an end to that problem with their excellent service.

    Angelica Mulligan

    The company that I originally contracted for the flat roof installation at my commercial space went bust, so I had to scramble to get a new one. Thank goodness that ALL ROOFS were there to save the day!

    Albert Steele