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AllRoofs Inc. Commercial Roofing Company Glenview


In the commercial roofing contractors selection process, taking into consideration both local community ties and reputation is crucial. Established in 1994, AllRoofs Inc. has been taking care of Glenview businesses and the whole Chicago area, through the delivery of high quality commercial roofing services. AllRoofs Inc. commercial roofing has constantly delivered the particular expertise level required along with the necessary community ties required for flat roof insulation or flat roof construction.

Our success’s key can be found in our crew of professionals and the more than 30 years of experience that they bring to the table, accompanied by the use of exclusively high-quality commercial roofing materials. Our knowledgeable and qualified commercial roofing contractors know the ins and outs of the latest industry technology and are waiting and ready to guide you through your flat roofing project whether it be for flat roof replacement, repair, or installation, in addition to offering energy-efficient, sustainable for reasonable rates.

Here are AllRoofs Inc. Commercial Roofing Service, customer satisfaction is our priority, for every phase of your project. Our professional, qualified, and friendly manner prevails with our clients allowing them to rest assured they are in the right hands after they observe our high-caliber work for themselves from the first day.

24-Hour Emergency Commercial Roof Repair
Call our AllRoofs Inc. (866)205-8833 24H emergency commercial roofing hotline to ensure our response team dispatches a technician within only a few hours.
Allow our expert commercial roofing contractors to handle any of your roofing issues like leaks or other issues.
Although we will make the necessary repairs on the spot, we will first perform a brief assessment to determine the severity of any roof damages. We are here for you 24/7!

Our Latest Commercial Roofing Projects

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AllRoofs Inc.
Commercial Roofing

We provide commercial roofing services for every roof type, including
roof replacement and restoration, roof maintenance, roof overlays, flat roof repair, installation, temporary roof repairs, and inspection programs appropriate for all roofing.

Commercial / Flat Roof Repair:
Our crew of qualified professional commercial roofing contractors can handle repair through the use of roofing materials in which damage will not show easily and by preventing issues like the pooling of water and large leaks.
Commercial / Flat Roof Replacement:
When you hire AllRoofs Inc. to properly replace your roof, this is automatically accompanied by the meticulous attention to detail necessary throughout the materials, application method, and materials selection process.
Roof Maintenance:
One of our experts will evaluate your roof and offer professional advice regarding the proper maintenance schedule that fits in with your needs as well as your budget.
Commercial / Flat Roof Leaks:
If your home has leaks triggered by damage from common issues such as a roof that is aging or drips from rainwater.
Roofs Inspections:
Our qualified crew of commercial roofers is happy to provide a detailed report with advice regarding spaces on the roof that must be replaced, restored, or repaired.

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asphalt shingle roof asphalt flat roof
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The most common TYPES of flat, commercial roofs:

We always offer the latest trends with the best quality materials and craftsmanship!


Modified Bitumen Roofing
We utilize the best among industry materials and techniques, including Modified Bitumen (MB) roofing, a design that is asphalt-based and works ideally in low-slope structures or “flat” roof buildings having been made to withstand any severe exposure and even withstand severe environmental elements to make certain that the results are long-lasting and the savings in energy consumption savings are substantial.

Spray Foam Roofing
Polyurethane Foam Roofing, commonly referred to as spray foam roofing, is a material that is sprayed on in liquid form but will expand into foam afterwards, creating a solid layer on top of your existing roof. Often, spray foam is used to fix and reinvigorate an already existing roof through the removal of any areas that are saturated, then using complementary materials to replace them, followed by the application of spray foam over the top of the whole roof.


EPDM Roofing
EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is particularly sturdy and used most frequently in buildings with low slopes. Ethylene and propylene, the two principal ingredients, are made from natural gas and oil. During installation, our experts utilize a number of methods of EPDM application to either mechanically attach, ballast, or completely adhere the roofing system seams which are sealed using specifically formulated tape or liquid adhesives.

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BUR Roofing
BUR roofing, another way in which built-up roofing is referred, is a roofing material that is quite popular for roofs with a low slope. BUR is made up of layers of strengthening fabric and bitumen (asphalt) that alternate and are then topped off by a layer of stone or gravel or another aggregate. BUR is used for low-slope or “flat” roofs thanks to the manner in which it provides a surface that is continuously sealed. In comparison, roof shingles do not have sealant and, to effectively shed water, require a slope that is significantly steeper.

TPO Roofing
TPO is a modern, high-value system for roofing that is considered to be a member of the single-ply membrane family and works well for a varied selection of multi-family, industrial, and commercial roofs.
The membrane itself consists of a blend of ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) and polypropylene (PP) polymers. Reinforced TPO is made of double TPO membranes that are fused together through use of a polyester fabric “scrim” in between each ply.


Asphalt Roofing
To properly offer building owners durable waterproof protection, we provide commercial asphalt roofing systems, which have a waterproofing membrane made of asphalt. Due to their role as a reliable commercial roofing solution for your needs, asphalt is among the oldest roofing technologies still being used today.


Metal Roofing
A metal roof may endure more than 100 years, converting it into an incredibly popular choice when it comes to commercial roofs. Even better, when properly installed with every part of your metal roofing system, such as overlapping shingles or metal panels, obtaining frequent inspection and maintenance from expert roofers, you should be able to enjoy the endurance and performance of your roof for many years.

What is the difference between a flat roof repair,
Flat roof restoration and flat roof replacement?

Are you already certain whether you will undergo roof replacement, roof restoration, or roof repair? Have you noticed signs that your commercial roof may have a few leaks or may be aging? There are many possibilities in existence to fix your issue. Any of these options can be chosen depending on your budget, estimated time for which you intend to own your property, and the condition of your roof. Read below to learn about the the principal options you have for fixing any commercial roofing issue:

Possibility to fix certain areas in a reasonable amount of time
An ideal option in case of emergency or lower budgets, not ideal for the extension of the life expectancy of a roof.

More affordable choice than a total roof replacement
Extends roof life expectancy an extra 10+ years
The entire project can be completed in a shorter time frame

Massive projects in both time and scope
Roofing that lasts decades
Long-term investment for your property

Best reasons to hire AllRoofs Inc. as your Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors
Instead of attempting tricky do-it-yourself projects!

Your business’s flat roof is a crucial element for both your business and the building’s contents. Selecting a leader among professional flat roofing contractors in Glenview is the best way to take care of any such commercial roofing situation, including both flat roof replacement and flat roof repair, especially as this roof protects some of your most valued possessions.

Warranty Protection and Quality

AllRoofs Inc. is pleased with our ability to ensure the combination of reasonable pricing and high-quality materials. We seek to select the best available materials as long as they feature both superior craftsmanship and incredible durability. Our warranty protection allows one to easily observe our devotion to customer satisfaction.


Upon contracting a qualified commercial roofing company, you simultaneously receive expert industry skills and knowledge that have been earned over numerous years of experience in dealing with a varied selection of roofing circumstances and situations. This will ensure every single job is executed both efficiently and correctly from day one. Rely upon our professional crew to handle whatever you need, flat roof repair to insulation of a flat roof to flat roof replacement to flat roof installation in addition to others.

Proper Safety Measures

Rest assured we minimize any hazards to the best of our ability and that safety is our priority. Not only are our qualified roofing contractors properly trained and possess the appropriate equipment which allows them to prevent injuries and accidents on the job sites they additionally are insured and bonded.

Rest Assured

Communication throughout the entire roofing project process is essential and we comprehend that. If you had chosen to do your own roofing project, there would have been anxiety and stress and we take pride in avoiding this issue by maintaining transparent communications. You won’t regret your decision to hire our team of experts licensed in Glenview to not only provide a job well-done, but to do so in a worry-free, punctual manner.

Why you should choose our commercial roofing company in Glenview
A significant investment is involved in your business or home. In order to properly protect your investment, it is essential to properly care for the roofing that provides protection for your business or home. If you ever have any problems with your roofing, you will require assistance from a company that is both reliable and honest. During your search for roofing companies in Glenview the areas around it, selecting the best in the industry is crucial. For numerous years, our roofing company has been part of the roofing industry, delivering high quality roofing systems in the roofing industry. Our professional, qualified roofing contractors are committed to blending new technology with old building principles as well as constantly continuing education to be sure to offer roofing systems that are second to none on the market. We exclusively utilize the highest quality materials available no matter if you require commercial roofing or residential roofing assistance. Our roofing specialists meticulously seek to pinpoint any potential or existing roofing problems in an effort to help clients save both money and time on reef repair or roof replacement. To make sure quality is not sacrificed and our high standards are adhered to, we provide complete inspections throughout construction and also upon project completion. Our skilled experts aim to deliver results of high quality within your established timeframe. We can take care of any roof replacement or roof repair you may require, both minor and major, as a qualified roofing contractor in Glenview. We lead our customers through the selection of roofing that is ideal for them, offering both curb appeal and protection to your business or home. Call our roofing company now and we will begin on the path towards complete home or business protection.

Denied or underpaid commercial roofing damage claims.

We work with commercial roofing contractors and specialists who can help provide the necessary functional damage evidence in order to refute classic cosmetic exclusion.

Denied or Underpaid Claims and Cosmetic Exclusion
Insurance companies may not approve business owners’ flat roofing claims due to any cosmetic damage exclusion clause; this may prevent recovery after experiencing commercial roofing damage loss.
During a claim investigation, specific damages, such as those from hail, can be neglected or possibly confused with problems like heat swelling, an outdated roof or various other inferior conditions. Frequently, hail damage is neglected and triggers additional structure deterioration as time passes.
Often, upon independent investigation, other engineers and specialists encounter problems on a roof that were not encountered during the original inspection. One obvious sign that roof replacement is needed is observed when water stops flowing properly from a roof with damage.
We have had numerous customers receive full approval from insurance companies. Reach out to us today so we can begin to put effort into obtaining complete compensation that covers 100% of the value of your roofing claim and beginning your commercial roof repair.

The Roofing Process – Commercial, Flat Roofing Services Glenview, IL

Reach Out To Us Today

When you contact one of our commercial roofing contractors, their immediate attention will be given to you, ensuring complete comprehension of your roofing issues. After your issue has been assessed, our commercial roofing company in Glenview will program a visit to your property in order to inspect it properly and give you a proper estimate in a short timeframe.

Site Inspection

For your inspection, a qualified estimator from our team will pay a visit to your property so they may later give you a comprehensive estimate that depends on your roof’s state. This visit is a crucial part of ensuring that the appropriate corrective measures are done. Whether flat roof replacement or flat roof repair are needed will depend upon the scope of damage to your roof. If a roof has serious damage, performing patch repair is not recommended.


Based on observations and data collected during your inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report that will help you to comprehend the issues as clearly as the professionals do. This transparent quote will include numerous recommendations or options to help whip your roof back into shape. AllRoofs Inc. will give you all of the information needed to make an informed decision that suits your budget, wants, and needs.


When you completely comprehend your quote and have chosen the ideal solution, our roofing contract will establish a start date and time frame for the roofing project with the client. We can take care of jobs of any size and scope, from major to minor. Our specific approach to every project allows us to address any potential issues before they occur. We gladly offer friendly, helpful service with the utmost respect for both you and your business.


Although we specialize in providing expert roofing services, we also emphasize the importance of ensuring they are executed smoothly and successfully. We aim to receive your seal of approval before closing the job site. AllRoofs Inc. is a step above the others with our business practice founded upon satisfaction guaranteed for every job and task that we take on. We make sure our customers receive outstanding results and that we exceed their expectations.

Roof – The Most Essential Aspect of Your Home. Our Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Experts Glenview Can Handle It For You

Although it is an important defense element for your home and business protection, many homeowners and business owners do not take the importance of their roof into consideration.  However, it is incredibly important to maintain your roof properly.  Choose us as your trusted roofing company, no matter if you seek complete roof replacement or simple roof repair in Glenview.  Our professional commercial roofing contractors can take care of everything including damaged wood, cracked shingles, leaks, etc.  We have obtained valuable skills and knowledge during our many years of experience, helping us to provide you with the best service possible.

No matter the material your roof is made of or its, our roofing company in Glenview is fully able to meet all of your needs.  Our material, color, and design selection offers a varied assortment and is guaranteed to deliver the flat roofing you seek, for both residential roofing and commercial roofing.  Contact us today to open communications with one of our experts and to express your needs and desires.  Once this has been established, we will give you a free, comprehensive assessment and estimate.  You can trust our experts to provide the top one-stop fix for your roofing needs, thanks to our focus on honesty, integrity, and transparency as important elements of our company policy.

Commercial/Flat Roof Inspection, Repair, and Replacement

Your commercial/flat roofing could potentially be at risk for damage and may even require considerable flat roof repair. Also, several different issues can allow hailstorms to cause even more damage due to:

Age of Roof – As time passes, commercial roofs and related materials may slowly become damaged, causing their condition to deteriorate.
Roofing Materials – Different material types may react differently to hailstorm impacts. For example, if your roof is an older asphalt roof, it may be more easily punctured and an old aluminum roof may also be more susceptible to dents and dings.
Wind – When hailstorms occur, wind is an element that has incredible influence on the density and size of the hailstones themselves, as well as on the speed at which the hail hits the roof. This includes the velocity and direction of the wind as well.
Hail Size and Density – Hailstones can range in size from minimal small pebbles to enormous sizes as large as a grapefruit or even as big as a bowling ball. They are not actually smooth and round like most people think, but in reality have ragged edges that may further damage your property.
Barriers – Trees, awnings, and other obstructions can impede some of the damage that can possibly affect your roof.

Reach out to our professional team of commercial roofing contractors now if you have been victim of a hailstorm recently and require a roof inspection. Our specialists can easily recognize any damages that may not be obvious to others. Frequently, smaller elements such as minor cracks in your roof made by hail could later result in water leaks or water damage.
Our crew of professionals will arrive ready to face any potential scenario they may encounter during the inspection of your roof, especially if hailstones have caused any dents or punctures. We provide ideal and reasonable solutions for commercial roof repair and flat roof repair in order to prevent hole coverage or any potential future water damage. We can offer you emergency roof repair services when necessary as well, providing home and family security while your flat roof repair is being executed and finished.
We aim to get you 100% coverage for your roof repair or roof replacement and are devoted to helping you with insurance company communications to properly accomplish this. We offer public adjuster services as well which can help you to receive the most coverage possible. Studying your policy coverage is crucial so you may understand the difference between standard homeowner policies and commercial building policies and what their hail damage coverage may be. Your property’s coverage type will determine whether the costs of your replacement or repair will be partially or completely covered.
AllRoofs Inc. will handle your hailstorm damage inspection, then perform the repair or roofing replacement as well as take care of any other commercial roofing needs you might have. Ask for your free roof damage evaluation so that we may recommend appropriate solutions that suit your needs then fix any issues caused by the latest hail storm that affected your roof and your home.

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Let’s Get Started On Your Project Today!

Trust and reliability are incredibly important elements to consider during your search for an actual professional commercial roofing contractor. AllRoofs Inc. is familiar with the investment required to protect your business or home. As a leader among flat roofing companies, we cannot wait for you to see our experts in action, properly taking care of your roof repair and roof replacement projects while up keeping only the highest standards. We look forward to you confiding in us and leaving your project in our hands. We will be sure to take all the necessary steps to make sure you are another one of our fully satisfied customers and that you can rely on us for the highest-quality, longest-lasting results.

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